30 Day Fitness Challenge

I’m not really that big of a girl, I don’t have a big built. I am 159cm tall and 54kgs heavy. I like to think I have an athletic built, I used to compete in swimming in my younger days, and I believed my body stayed in shape all those years even without exercise.

But then, suddenly my pants won’t fit anymore. I now have a small muffin hanging on my waist and belly, I am now a muffin top. And my arms, they are now flabby, well just a little bit. I am not exaggerating, but I am just so used to not gaining weight all my life, till I hit 30’s.

My before pics, just weeks before the challenge.

Until this biggest loser challenge came. I was so ecstatic, I joined. It was a 30 day fitness challenge, it doesn’t matter what your built is, if you’re a male, female, tall, short, fat and not so fat. The goal was to lose weight in 30 days and the person with the highest percentage in weight loss wins. Initially, I was doing this for the money so I can add it for my sons school needs. So, as you know I was very much determined. 

Here is what my diet and routine consisted.
Week I
Breakfast: 4-5 spoons of brown rice and veggies

Lunch: half a slice of sandwich and fruits

Dinner: 4-5 spoons of brown rice and tuna or veggies

For exercise, I did crunches, lunges.
Week II and III
Breakfast: hard boiled egg, veggies or veggie salad

Lunch: sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs and fruits

Dinner: veggies

For exercise, I did crunches, lunges, jump rope and running.
Week IV
Smoothie/juice fast for the entire day of the week.

For exercise, I did crunches, lunges, jump rope, brisk walking, running.
Week I was hard, as you’re still in the adjustment period. Week II and III, you are already used to the diet but eating the same thing makes it tiring. Week IV was the most difficult of all, this was my first time to try juice fasting. It makes you weak, makes you very, very tired and even makes you hallucinate. To make this bearable, don’t eat with someone, don’t join group lunches or breakfast as it only makes you think about eating. It makes you cranky, makes you angry. The only good thing about this is that, your body is cleansed, free from toxins, your skins clears up a little and it makes you lose 3kgs in just 3 days (based on my experience). 

At first, it was all about the money. But as the week progresses, I began to accept that it was okay not to win this. That the results will still be good as I was really losing weight and also gained a lot of discipline.

When the results were up, I didn’t win. I was in second place. I was fine, I know I did my very best. I felt proud being able to do all these. It takes a lot of determination and discipline to do all of those, most especially the juice fasting. 

I am happy I joined, I am now on my way to a much healthy lifestyle. I have been a pescatarian for almost 3 years but now going vegan, the challenge may be over, but my journey to a healthy lifestyle continues. 

From 54 kgs, I now gain 48.2kgs. That’s 119lbs down to 106lbs.

Be healthy and live happily! Cheers!


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