Surfin’ La Union

Food surfin’ and wave surfin’

Summer started early for me this 2017, I feel this year is going to be great cause it’s only January and a lot of good things has already come my way. Like this trip for example.

See you in a bit La Union!

Sleepy heads…

This is our second time in La Union, the first one was most fun even though we didn’t get to surf. This time, we made sure not to miss surfing. Don’t bother coming to LU, if you have no intentions to surf but, there are also other sites to see but the point of coming to La Union is to experience surfing. 

La Union is in the northern part of the Philippines, 279.4km from Manila to be exact. San Juan, La Union is one of the best surfing spot in my country among many others. We plan to go to other surfing spot in the near future, I can’t wait!

But before I go on about my surfing experience, let me suggest a few food trips you might want to consider when you’re in LU. We only stayed here overnight but spent more time eating more than anything else. LOL!

On our day 1:

We arrived at exactly 7:20 AM, to be honest, the main purpose of coming here again is to check out the church and resort that we are considering for our wedding. So the the food and surfing are just extras, but I felt as if they became the highlight. LOL!
First stop was at Saint John the Baptist in San Juan, La Union located in the People’s Park. It’s an old church with a very beautiful brick facade, the church was built in 1707 by Augustinian missionaries.

I must say that it is well maintained cause it looks great even on the inside. We were very lucky to be able to go inside to say a little prayer and to take a photo. The caretaker was very kind enough to allow us to take a quick snap as they were about to close the church after the first mass.
We took a quick jeepney ride and headed on to El Union Coffee for a quick breakfast. 

It was our first time here so we didn’t know what to order. Since we just came from a 5 hour bus ride and lack sleep, we asked for their strongest coffee and this is what we got.
5 stars for the coffee.

I had, flat white and he had Iced Americano
And had these for a light breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to the resort at the Urbiz Garden Plage to leave our bags for safekeeping since the check-in time is not until 2 PM, and it’s still way too early. Unfortunately, this wasn’t allowed so we checked in early instead so we can shower and rest before going out again.
I didn’t complain, I couldn’t complain that leaving the bags weren’t allowed, I just adored the place. It is so very lovely, just the right place for me and for a wedding reception. That is another reason why we stayed in this bed and breakfast, to see if the reviews matched the place and it does it’s just perfect for a wedding. So cozy, quaint, very peaceful, quiet with a country feel, again, just so lovely. 

And when we saw the Cabana where we stayed at, I thought I might just be staying there for the rest of the weekend. LOL! It’s that lovely. 

Okay so after resting, we checked out the beach, the waves are so damn high and strong so no one was allowed to swim for everyone’s safety. 

I didn’t come here for nothing!

So we planned to go to Occalong falls located in Luna, La Union. Time check, it was 10:30 AM then, but according to the guard of the of the resort, it was way too far from where we were staying. So we decided to just have lunch first.
For lunch, we just had to go back to this restaurant called Halo-Halo de Iloko, this is located in Zandueta street in San Fernando, La Union. Just near the church in their town proper. Note that San Juan and San Fernando are just neighboring towns and it takes only 15-20 minutes jeepney ride to reach either of them.

This is a must try when you go to La Union. Just so yum! Try their famous pakbet, okoy that we just love and their gigantic halo-halo. 

You won’t regret it.

Happy tummy!
After lunch, it was just too hot for an outdoor activity so we went back to the resort for an afternoon siesta. After siesta, we went out for a stroll in the beach, the waves are still too high in our area. We walked some more and checked out the part of the beach where it’s too crowded. Everyone was enjoying the waves, the sand, the loud music and booze and we did enjoy the stroll.

Ooh, a library.

We also made sure not to miss the beautiful sunset.

Dinner time, there is like a food haven opposite side of the beach, across the highway, but most of them serve snacks like pizza, burgers and light meals.

We tried this food joint called Kelle’s kitchen, the food they serve are mostly snacks and light meal so we ordered 2 meals each. This is the best place if you are on a budget. The food was okay, what I loved about this place is you get to stay on the rooftop, dinner while enjoying the view.

After dinner, we walked back to El Union Coffee for some dessert. We just had to get back for the smores that we saw in the menu and it was oh so heavenly. Hahahha!

I guess that’s enough food for today. Went back to the resort for some night cap. 

Then poof!
On our day 2:
Had an early breakfast at the resort. Food was good, we had an all Filipino breakfast, bangsilog and longsilog and the coffee, was great.

We took some more photos before heading to the surf area. This place is really just lovely.

Then next, surfing time!!!
It was our first time to try surfing, we didn’t get to try this last year due to a slight medical condition. To be honest, I was kind of hesitant to try this now cause I might not be able to balance my self on the board but the instructors were very, very friendly, patient and nice. 

And I did it, we both did it! It was so intense! It was so exhilarating, I could not get over it till now. Will definitely be doing this again very, very soon.

The surfing was definitely the highlight of this trip! Dude, it was like, totally awesome dude! Totally! 
Before heading to the Dominion bus terminal, we stopped for a quick lunch in this Mexican resto along the highway. 
Olas Banditos

Now back to reality!

The surfing lesson costs: P400

Transpo fee to surf area: P50

Tip: all up to you
For other places in LU, you may check out my other blog. Link below.

If you ever plan to visit San Juan, La Union:

Take the Partas bus in Cubao, Quezon City: P450

All buses will pass by San Fernando and San Juan La Union, most resorts are in San Juan so it’s best to stay anywhere there. 
Going back to Manila, take Dominion bus in San Fernando, it’s cheaper and 2 hours faster compared to Partas. Their terminal is also in Quezon City along Edsa. 

Bus fare: P375
And of course, bring lots of money for food. Hehehhe! 
See you soon LU!


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